Hey there! I'm Elijah, videographer and founder of Wink Films. My creative journey started 10 years ago. Let me tell you the story.

When I was younger, I'd make movies with my neighbourhood friends. I'd shoot then edit short films to show friends and family. There birthed my love of filmmaking.

On the weekends, I'd sell t-shirt designs, making some extra pocket money to eventually purchase a camera. There birthed my love of business and clothing.

2019 marks the start of Wink Films. Building this brand has always been exciting to me, combining two of the things I love to do in life - filmmaking and entrepreneurship. So, when I'm not going on long weekend walks, exploring the world through my lens, I'll be working on your next clothing campaign.

Fun facts about me:
 - I am a bonsai enthusiast.
 - I am learning to speak Spanish.
 - I am a drummer and maker of music.
 - I am both an early bird and night owl.

Now you know me, it's your turn! What's your brand? What are your ambitions? What does the ideal future look like in your eyes?

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