Grow your loyal customer base and sell more garments. 👕

Ever wonder what separates you from the big guys?
...You've got the wrong focus.

Hi, I'm Elijah

I help streetwear brands make their content work- because sometimes it can feel like endless posting without the 👕 sales.

Here's how to stop missing out on sales

...and build your loyal customer base:

1. We hop on a 20-minute zoom call

2. I help you create long-term customers buy suggesting a tiny tweak to your social media

3. You make more sales

Don't believe me? Ask them...

"Some of the things that Elijah knows took me over a year to figure out for myself."
Madi Williams - MEW clothing
"Elijah's knowledge and execution is there!"
Brock Kennedy - Devon St
"My partner introduced me to the podcast and we've both loved the episodes."
Harry Wallace - Purgatory
"Not many people would go to the effort to help us out like Elijah did."
Caspar Tremlett - Mertramertra

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